UBSNA Presents the Top Three Things to Consider when Purchasing a Copier for your Office

Whether you’re purchasing or leasing your new commercial copier, there are a few things to consider that will ensure your new machine can meet your current and future copying needs. Each business’s copier needs are different, and understanding which copier features best suit your particular needs can help save money in the long run.

Universal Business Solutions, North America has put together this brief guide to aid in your decision process.

Understand your Copying Requirements

Having an understanding of your copier requirements is crucial to selecting the proper machine for your business. Consider how much paper you need your new machine to print, and how quickly you need the printing done. If you consistently have print jobs that consist of more than 500 copies each, you should consider purchasing a deluxe model – that offers more paper storage than basic copiers – to cut down on reloading time.

Consider the Cost of Supplies and Maintenance

The copier with the least upfront cost initially may not end up being the most cost-effective over the entire length of the copier’s life. Consider the cost of supplies for each copier you are considering, and map out how these costs playout over the lifespan of each machine. It’s also important to consider maintenance costs and the likelihood of repairs down the road. Seek out reviews and other third-party evaluations of each copier’s performance and maintenance requirements before making your purchase decision.

Add on Features

Explore the various add-on features that are available for your new copier. Businesses evolve quickly, and ensuring that your copier can handle changing demands will be crucial to your long-term success. Consider what types of functionality your copier may need in the future, and evaluate how easily and cost-effectively you will be able to add to your copier’s core functions.

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