UBSNA Welcomes Wellness Bird ‘Lola’ to their New York Office

Lola_Wellness Bird Pic 2

Universal Business Solutions is proud to announce the addition of a new Wellness Bird to their New York office. ‘Lola’, the newest member of the UBSNA family, is a Turquoise Cheek Conure and has joined the office this week. Lola has been a big hit at UBSNA during her first week, with many employees taking time throughout the day to play with and care for Lola.

Recent studies have shown that animal companionship in the office can help to increase happiness and promote wellness among office workers. The addition of Lola allows UBSNA employees an opportunity to de-stress throughout the day. She also helps bolster a sense of comradery among the office members, with several different team members working together and taking time to care for and entertain Lola throughout the day.

We’re very excited about this new addition to our team and will be posting pictures and updates soon!Lola_Wellness Bird Pic 1


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