Join UBSNA in Celebrating #GivingTuesday


Giving Tuesday is a global movement celebrated every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Fueled by the hashtag #GivingTuesday on social media, and appropriately celebrated after two of the largest shopping days of the year, Giving Tuesday aims to engage people around the world in charitable giving and volunteerism.

Join UBSNA in kicking off the charitable season by getting involved! You can download your #GivingTuesday Toolkit at GivingTuesday.Org.


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Business Copiers: The Lease vs. Buy Question


When the time comes for your business to purchase a new copier one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is whether you’ll be leasing or buying. While most companies opt to lease their business copiers, it’s important that you evaluate the benefits associated with both leasing and purchasing options.

To help you better understand which option is best for your business, UBSNA has outlined the benefits of leasing a business copier vs. the benefits of buying a business copier below.

Benefits of Leasing

Access to the Most Up-to-Date Equipment

The technology behind business copiers and MFPs is always rapidly changing; especially as businesses make the shift towards an increasingly paperless office. One of the largest benefits to leasing your business copier is that it allows you to upgrade to the newest and most updated model after your lease term is over. This helps ensure that your business always has the latest technology available.

Low Initial Cost

Unlike purchasing, leasing allows you to receive and begin using your new business copier without having to pay the full purchase price upfront.  This allows your new business copier to start generating revenue for your business before having to pay for it.

Predictable Expenses

Along with a low initial cost, leasing also gives you fixed and predictable monthly expenses for your business copier. Since most leasing agreements have maintenance and repair costs built into the monthly payment, you don’t need to worry about unexpected copier repair costs popping up during the lease term.

Benefits of Buying

Lower Cost over Time

Generally speaking, purchasing a business copier can lead to a lower total cost over the lifespan of the machine. As long as no large unexpected repairs are needed, and you’re able to operate your machine for many years, you can save a significant amount when compared to leasing.

Control of Maintenance Costs

When leasing, you’re typically locked into a maintenance arrangement so that the leasing company is confident that their machine is being properly serviced. When you purchase your copier outright, you have the freedom to select a maintenance provider and schedule that works best for your business and budget.

Streamlined Process

The process of purchasing a business copier is generally easier than leasing. Since you’ll be using cash on hand to purchase your new machine, all you need to do is select the machine best suited for your needs and purchase it. Leasing a machine will require a leasing agreement and a check into your business’s financial records and stability before you receive your new equipment.

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Universal Business Solutions October 2016 Employee of the Month!


The results are in, and Universal Business Solutions North America (UBSNA) is proud to announce Issac Kitakule as October’s Employee of the Month!

Issac moved from Uganda as a copier technician to the United States on September 15, 2014 with his family. His first job here was working at a hardware store. He joined UBSNA on April 1, 2015 and has proved time after time we made the right decision by hiring him. He goes above and beyond with his outstanding work ethic.  He handles service calls for copiers and installations.

When asked what he likes most about working at UBSNA, he said “I love the environment. It has a family feel where they take care of not just work issues but personal issues. You are never left alone. We always work as a team”.

Thank you, Isaac, for all that you do!

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