Universal Business Solutions, N.A. (UBSNA) Announces New Line of Mobile Dialers and Video Conferencing Solutions.

New York, NY – February 21, 2017 – Universal Business Solutions, N.A. (UBSNA), a leading supplier of copiers and office automation services, today announced the introduction of a new line of PBX mobile dialers and video conferencing to the company’s existing BPSNA line of business phone solutions. These two new offerings serve to strengthen UBSNA’s current line of business phone solutions by allowing business users to make mobile calls, both domestically and internationally, using their current BPSNA service. The announcement also includes a new video conferencing solution, which seamlessly integrates with business users’ existing applications and business tools.

The new BPSNA Dialer allows business users to make domestic and international calls using their cellphones through the BPSNA service. The dialer application operates over cellular network and does not require any data connection, which improves call quality and improved reliability, and is available on both Android and Apple devices.

The new BPSNA video conferencing solution offers Ultra HD video conferencing with superb audio and video quality, all powered by the BPSNA PBX network. The video conferencing solution works seamlessly across virtually any device or business tool. This allows end users to access video conferencing from a smartphone, computer, or video conferencing endpoint.

“We spend every day seeking to improve office automation. If we don’t, it’s a wasted day. We set high expectations for us in our pursuit to provide a better product line and service”, said Abe Thomas, CEO of UBSNA. “We constantly seek to find ways to compliment, rather than complicate the business processes of our own clientele.”

About Universal Business Solutions, N.A. (UBSNA):

Universal Business Solutions, N.A. (UBSNA) is an office automation and efficiency company that creates technology solutions tailored to clients’ needs. For over 10 years, UBSNA has offered the best service time in the tristate area, providing cost efficient document management and production solutions that encompass the entire document cycle. UBSNA has received the JD Powers Award for Excellence and often saves companies up to 15% on Multi-Function Products, Managed Print Services, Voice & Data, and Document Management Software. Headquartered in New York, NY, UBSNA is headed up by CEO Abe Thomas.

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Benefits of Managed Print Services


Maintaining and managing office printing can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. That’s why many businesses choose to use Managed Print Services (MPS) offered by their copier supplier. Managed Print Services save time spent on managing your business’s printing fleet, while also ensuring that you’re utilizing your printing resources in the most efficient way possible. The result is a healthy and efficient printing process that saves your business time and money.

Curious as to how Managed Print Services from UBSNA can benefit your business? Check out the 3 largest benefits of MPS below.

Consolidates Supplies (and Vendors)

Managed Print Services can help by creating conformity across the brands and types of printing equipment your business uses. Running similar machines helps reduce training costs, streamline supply ordering, and allows your machines to work together.

Reduces Printer Down-Time

Remote Email Diagnostics (RED) from UBSNA seamlessly gathers information from your printer fleet and allows us to identify opportunities to proactively maintain your fleet. RED also allows us to anticipate resource shortages and deliver supplies before you run out so your printers are always stocked and ready when you need them most.

Reduces Costs

The largest benefit to Managed Print Services is the cost savings that it provides. By analyzing your business’s printing processes, MPS can identify ways to optimize your printing environment and tailor it to the specific usage requirements of your business. This ensures that you’re not over-spending on equipment and supplies, and also reduces waste across your organization.

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Universal Business Solutions January 2017 Employee of the Month!

Sam Denahy Pic

Universal Business Solutions is proud to announce Sam Denahy as our January 2017 Employee of the Month!

Sam’s journey with Universal Business Solutions began three years ago when he came on board as an office assistant. As an office assistant, Sam directly supported the administrative and sales teams at UBSNA. Sam’s work ethic and dedication led him to be promoted to Executive Assistant, where he received cross-training on all UBSNA products and departments from UBSNA CEO, Mr. Abe Thomas. During the course of his role as Executive Assistant, Sam was given the opportunity to attend training at the Sharp technical school in Mahwah, New Jersey. After acing his exam at Sharp technical school, Sam moved on to the UBSNA service department, where he managed parts, supplies, and training on the various services UBSNA provides (VOIP Phones, Server/Desktop systems, Copiers, Printers & Scanners). Today, Sam is a dedicated field technician in the outer boroughs, Long Island and upstate NY territories of UBSNA.

Sam grew up in Nyack, New York and received his Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Brockport. When asked what he liked most about working at UBSNA, he said, “I was given the opportunity to learn a lot.”

Thank you, Sam, for all that you do!

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