UBSNA Proudly Supports The Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center’s Annual Purim Carnival!


Universal Business Solutions was proud to have the opportunity to provide sponsorship for the 2017 Purim Carnival at the Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn, New York. The carnival, held on March 5th, was a fantastic success! Over 1,000 children attended the carnival, where they had an afternoon full of exciting rides, games, costume contests, prizes, and entertainment.

Through sponsorships from UBSNA and other local businesses, the community center was able to provide admission to 312 full-scholarship children from needy families, as well as 32 special needs children and their chaperones, for a day filled with entertaining fun and games!

For more information on the Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center, or to view their calendar of upcoming community events, please visit

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Universal Business Solutions (UBSNA) Joins PACE Charity in Commemorating the One Year Anniversary of the Group’s Trip to Provide Aid to Syrian Refugees.

“Never does a man stand so tall, as when he stoops to help a child.” This age-old adage is one which UBSNA CEO, Abe Thomas takes seriously. Last year, Abe Thomas and UBSNA pledged $5,000 in matching funds to PACE Charity, a non-profit organization that was planning a trip to provide aid and humanitarian relief to Syrian refugees taking shelter at the Al-Azraq Village in Jordan. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of that trip.

Through the tireless efforts of the wonderful people at PACE Charity, and the seed donation provided by Abe Thomas and UBSNA, the trip was a fantastic success. PACE was able to provide 200 food parcels, 25 water tanks, a make-shift school tent for 50 students, and dozens of volunteer hours to Syrian refugees in Jordan. The staff at UBSNA also donated all of the supplies and items for goody bags that were distributed to the children at the school’s grand opening.

Check out PACE’s video of the make-shift school tent they constructed below:

The team at PACE Charity continues to work to distribute aid, water, and medical supplies to the Syrian refugees taking shelter in Jordan. For more information, or to get involved, please visit

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3 Considerations When Selecting a Video Conferencing System


Video conferencing has become essential to the daily operations of many business offices across the globe. As companies continue to grow and conduct business on a global scale, having the ability to connect teams, clients, and business partners from all over the world is no longer a “nice to have”, but an absolute necessity.

There was a time when adding video conferencing capabilities to your office required a major IT expenditure. Luckily, solutions like UBSNA’s newly launched video conferencing platform allow businesses to quickly set up and integrate video conferencing into their organizations.

There are still a few questions you should ask when evaluating which video conferencing solution is right for your business.

How will people be viewing your conferences?

Determining how your participants will be engaging with your video conferences is an important consideration. If you’ll be broadcasting to busy clients or a remote workforce, you’ll want to choose a video conferencing solution that is compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

How many attendees will be participating in your conferences?

Will your video conferences be one-on-one or will you be conferencing between large groups of participants? Video conferencing for larger groups will require special devices and equipment in order to support large-scale conferences. You’ll want to be sure that your video conferencing solution will be compatible with the devices and equipment that you plan to use.

Will your video conferences be for internal use only, or client facing?

Different audiences will expect different things from a video conferencing solution. If your video conferencing solution is going to be used to engage with current and prospective clients, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using a high quality solution. Using a video conferencing solution with Ultra-HD video and superb audio quality will ensure that your clients have the best experience.

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