When is it Time to Replace your Office Copier?

Almost every office relies on a copier or printer for its daily operations. That means that copier downtime can be a big drain on your business’s operations and productivity. If your copier is requiring more frequent repairs, and you’re thinking it might be time to upgrade, here are a few key things to consider that will help you make the right decision.

Track Repair Costs and Expenses

Copier repairs can get costly, especially when you’re dealing with an older machine. As your copier ages, it’s going to require more maintenance to keep it functioning properly. If you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade your machine, take a look at your repair and maintenance costs for the last few quarters and compare those to the costs of leasing a new machine.

Consider the Cost of Downtime

Parts and labor costs for fixing an older copier can be a burden, but they’re nothing compared to the cost of lost productivity. If your printer is constantly experiencing downtime, chances are it’s costing you a lot more in wasted time and missed opportunities. If your employees are constantly having to put projects on hold or send out for costly printing services, it’s time to start looking for a new copier.

Evaluate your Usage Patterns

Even if your printer is fairly new, you can still run into problems if it’s not suited well for your office’s needs. Overworking your printer or copier can lead to more frequent repairs and maintenance. Replacing an underperforming copier with one that’s more suited to your business can save you and your employees tons of time and increase efficiency across the entire organization.

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UBSNA Launches a New Employee Wellness Program

UBSNA is excited to announce our newly launched wellness program aimed at encouraging and promoting health and wellness initiatives across the company.

The new program aims to educate UBSNA employees on various health and wellness topics, encourage healthy habits, and incorporate fun programs and activities that help UBSNA employees reach their health goals. New health initiatives will be planned into the daily work activities at UBSNA in order to make health and wellness an integrated part of the company’s daily routine and culture.  Some of the newly launched initiatives are:

  • A “Healthy” Potluck lunch to be hosted each quarter.
  • Employees are now encouraged to meet on the go, by turning daily meetings into walking meetings that take place either in the UBSNA office or outside.
  • A newly posted “High-Five” Board provides a forum for UBSNA employees to “shout out” other team members for positive contributions or accomplishments.
  • Meeting Warm Ups will be allotted into scheduled meeting times to allow UBSNA staff members an opportunity to do pre-meeting stretches or exercises.

Although participation in UBSNA’s new wellness program is entirely voluntary, we will be working to incorporate health and wellness initiatives that appeal to each and every one ofour team members across the coming months.

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