Abe Thomas, UBSNA CEO, Discusses the Importance of Properly Disposing of your Business Copier

If you own your business copier and are looking to upgrade or replace it with a new model, chances are you will be left with the question of what to do with your current machine. Copiers have components that can be dangerous to the environment when not disposed of properly. Before you toss it in the dumpster or drop it off at the local dump, you should consider a few more environmentally friendly options.

Here are a few options for properly disposing of your business’s copier (before you dispose of any business copier you should read our article on Copier Data Security).

Donate your Copier

If your copier is still in good working condition, you can donate it to a non-profit or school that may be able to get use out of it. Your copier will get a second life and provide value to an organization that may not otherwise be able to afford it. Your donation may also qualify as a tax deduction.

Return it to the Manufacturer

Even if your copier is no longer functioning, it may still have components that could be valuable to the copier’s original manufacturer. That is why many manufacturers offer a copier take back program. Utilizing these programs helps to keep your copier out of landfills, and also serves to put your copier’s working components to good use.

Find a Recycling Facility

If you cannot donate your copier and the manufacturer does not have a take back program, the next best alternative is to find a licensed electronic recycling facility. These facilities will ensure that your business copier is dismantled properly and that the parts are recycled and put back to use in the manufacturing process.

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