3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost Your Productivity at Work


Although it may not feel like it, Spring has finally arrived. Many people take this opportunity to spruce up their homes and apartments with some long overdue Spring cleaning, but it’s also important to use this time to clean and organize your office.

Maintaining a clean and organized work space has been proven to increase productivity and improve moods among office workers. Get a jump start on the new season with these Spring cleaning tips.

Schedule a Time

It’s important to dedicate a specific day and time to get your Spring cleaning done. Block off a few hours on your calendar, and turn off your email and phone notifications to avoid getting distracted. If you’re particularly busy, you might need to schedule your Spring cleaning early in the morning or on your lunch hour.

Eliminate the Non-Essentials

With so many things going on during your workday, it’s easy to accumulate clutter on your desk. Work on getting rid of unnecessary paperwork and filing the documents that you need to keep. You can also try scanning and digitizing hard copies to save extra space. Then go on to eliminate other unnecessary items on your desk. If it’s not something you use on a daily basis, it probably shouldn’t stay on your desktop.

Clean-Up your Computer Desktop

Once you’ve spruced up your physical desktop, you should move on to cleaning up your digital desktop as well. Create a new folder to consolidate any outdated or unnecessary icons on your desktop. Now is also a good time to archive old emails and clean out your inbox as well.

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