When is it Time to Replace your Office Copier?

Almost every office relies on a copier or printer for its daily operations. That means that copier downtime can be a big drain on your business’s operations and productivity. If your copier is requiring more frequent repairs, and you’re thinking it might be time to upgrade, here are a few key things to consider that will help you make the right decision.

Track Repair Costs and Expenses

Copier repairs can get costly, especially when you’re dealing with an older machine. As your copier ages, it’s going to require more maintenance to keep it functioning properly. If you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade your machine, take a look at your repair and maintenance costs for the last few quarters and compare those to the costs of leasing a new machine.

Consider the Cost of Downtime

Parts and labor costs for fixing an older copier can be a burden, but they’re nothing compared to the cost of lost productivity. If your printer is constantly experiencing downtime, chances are it’s costing you a lot more in wasted time and missed opportunities. If your employees are constantly having to put projects on hold or send out for costly printing services, it’s time to start looking for a new copier.

Evaluate your Usage Patterns

Even if your printer is fairly new, you can still run into problems if it’s not suited well for your office’s needs. Overworking your printer or copier can lead to more frequent repairs and maintenance. Replacing an underperforming copier with one that’s more suited to your business can save you and your employees tons of time and increase efficiency across the entire organization.

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UBSNA Launches a New Employee Wellness Program

UBSNA is excited to announce our newly launched wellness program aimed at encouraging and promoting health and wellness initiatives across the company.

The new program aims to educate UBSNA employees on various health and wellness topics, encourage healthy habits, and incorporate fun programs and activities that help UBSNA employees reach their health goals. New health initiatives will be planned into the daily work activities at UBSNA in order to make health and wellness an integrated part of the company’s daily routine and culture.  Some of the newly launched initiatives are:

  • A “Healthy” Potluck lunch to be hosted each quarter.
  • Employees are now encouraged to meet on the go, by turning daily meetings into walking meetings that take place either in the UBSNA office or outside.
  • A newly posted “High-Five” Board provides a forum for UBSNA employees to “shout out” other team members for positive contributions or accomplishments.
  • Meeting Warm Ups will be allotted into scheduled meeting times to allow UBSNA staff members an opportunity to do pre-meeting stretches or exercises.

Although participation in UBSNA’s new wellness program is entirely voluntary, we will be working to incorporate health and wellness initiatives that appeal to each and every one ofour team members across the coming months.

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UBSNA Kicks Off New Employee Training and Development Program

UBSNA.TrainingLast week was an exciting week at the UBSNA Offices, as we kicked off our newly launched employee training and development program! The program started off with a team orientation with 8 new hires that have been brought on as full time employees in the UBSNA sales department. These 8 new members of the UBSNA family will receive training on all of UBSNA’s products and services, as well as professional development training that will help them succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

UBSNA’s new training program will serve as a mix between an employee onboarding program and a professional development program, all aimed at helping to arm new hires with everything they need to succeed in their new roles.

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UBSNA Blog: Meet Lulu!



The UBSNA offices have had a furry visitor the last few days! Her name is Lulu, she is a Beagle Boston Terrier, and she was brought in by one of our outstanding UBSNA team members. Lulu has been a big hit at UBSNA and has been making new friends all across the office (although our wellness bird Lola might have been a bit jealous!).

UBSNA loves having the opportunity to have our employees bring their pets into work. Pets bring joy, companionship, and an added sense of community into our work day. Lulu has been a great addition to the office, and we look forward to welcoming more furry friends in the coming months!

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Find Out How to Get Involved


Each year mental health issues affect millions of Americans and their friends and families. 1 in 5 U.S. Adults battle with a mental health condition. May is mental health awareness month, and there are many ways you can show your support for the cause.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) works to raise awareness, fight against stigmas, offer support, and provide education on mental health related issues. NAMI has established the #IntoMentalHealth hashtag to help raise awareness across social media.

You can also visit the NAMI website at www.NAMI.org to find ways to get involved and help spread awareness.

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May is ALS Awareness Month – Here’s How to Get Involved.

Many of us remember the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” that swept the world two years ago. The movement made great strides in promoting awareness of this debilitating disease, but there is still a lot that we can do to help build awareness and fundraise for the cause.

May is officially ALS Awareness Month, and we here at UBSNA thought we’d take this opportunity to share and promote a few different ways you can get involved.

Learn About ALS and Research Efforts

Building awareness and understanding of ALS is one of the first steps to building more fundraising for studies and research towards a cure. Visit The ALS Association’s website at ALSA.ORG to learn more.

Lend Your Voice

Become an advocate for this cause during May and throughout the rest of the year by spreading the word and building awareness. The ALS Association has designated the hashtag #ALSAware to help get the word out and build awareness across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


There are so many great events and fundraisers that go on throughout the year that all strive to help build awareness and donations to support research into this devastating disease. Visit www.WalktoDefeatALS.org to find and join a walk or other event in your local neighborhood.

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3 First Steps Towards a Paperless Office

Paperless Office

Although more and more businesses are working to pursue the idea of a paperless office, the reality of an office environment functioning entirely without paper is not one that has come to fruition as of yet. Despite this, there is still a lot of value in working to reduce the excess paper that flows through your office on a daily basis. The introduction of new technology solutions and document management tools over the last several years has helped to drastically reduce the amount of paper that is necessary to operate your business.

Pursuing a paperless office may seem like a daunting effort at first – but if you feel up to the task, check out these three tips that can help get you started.

Reduce Unnecessary Mail

Most of the physical paper that comes into your office can be sent electronically through email. Most financial institutions and suppliers offer the ability to receive your account statements and bills electronically. Reach out to every company that sends your business paper bills or statements and ask if they would be able to send electronic statements moving forward.

Find a Good Document Management System

If you’re expecting to have more documents come into your office electronically, you’ll need to ensure that you have a system in place that facilitates the storage and retrieval of that information. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that every member of your staff has knowledge of your new document management system. Hold staff training and information sessions before, during, and after you launch your new document management system in order to ensure that everyone is up to speed.

Stay Prepared with Multiple Backups and Security Measures

Just like confidential financial information left out on an employee’s desk poses a security risk, so does an insecure document management system. Your new document management system should offer encryption security, password protections, and have several backup sources in order to ensure that your documents remain safe and accessible.

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UBSNA Proudly Accepts the SHARP Hyakuman Kai Award for the 9th Consecutive Year

UBSNA's Wellness Bird, Lola, proudly accepts the Hyakuman Kai Award
UBSNA’s Wellness Bird, Lola, proudly accepts the Hyakuman Kai Award

UBSNA has been recognized as a SHARP Hyakuman Kai Dealer for the 9th year in a row. The Hyakuman Kai award, which was presented to UBSNA on Wednesday, April 5th, is reserved for exceptional SHARP dealers who exceed $1 million in sales for the previous year.

UBSNA has a long standing relationship with SHARP (Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America), and we’re very proud to offer their line of advanced business products to our valued clients.

“Providing exceptional products backed by outstanding customer service is our first priority at UBSNA,” said Abe Thomas, UBSNA’s CEO. “This requires us to be very selective with the businesses and suppliers that we partner with. The SHARP brand consistently represents the latest in industry-leading and innovative multi-function business products and software, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship in the years to come.”

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UBSNA: Hey Recent College Grads, We’re Hiring in New York and New Jersey!

Are you a recent college graduate or a graduating senior? UBSNA has just announced 6 new entry-level positions that will open up in June of 2017. These new positions are part of UBSNA’s newly launched trainee and professional development program.

New hires will receive training on all of UBSNA’s products and services, as well as professional development training that will help candidates succeed in today’s ever-changing business world. Your college education has given you all of the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, now let UBSNA show you how to apply them in a fast-paced and rewarding professional environment.

Current students and alumni of the schools below can find open positions posted on each school’s job boards:

  • William Paterson University – Wayne, NJ
  • New York Institute of Technology – New York, NY
  • CUNY – New York, NY
  • Baruch College– New York, NY
  • Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, NY
  • Ramapo College– Mahwah, NJ
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham – Madison, NJ
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck – Teaneck, NJ
  • NJIT – Newark, NJ
  • Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ
  • Rutgers University – Newark, NJ
  • Montclair State University – Montclair, NJ
  • Saint Peter’s University – Jersey City, NJ
  • Seton Hall University – South Orange, NJ
  • Berkley College – Woodland Park, NJ
  • PACE University – New York, NY
  • Borough of Manhattan College – New York, NY
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UBSNA Proudly Supports The Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center’s Annual Purim Carnival!


Universal Business Solutions was proud to have the opportunity to provide sponsorship for the 2017 Purim Carnival at the Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn, New York. The carnival, held on March 5th, was a fantastic success! Over 1,000 children attended the carnival, where they had an afternoon full of exciting rides, games, costume contests, prizes, and entertainment.

Through sponsorships from UBSNA and other local businesses, the community center was able to provide admission to 312 full-scholarship children from needy families, as well as 32 special needs children and their chaperones, for a day filled with entertaining fun and games!

For more information on the Morris & Paulette Bailey Sephardic Community Center, or to view their calendar of upcoming community events, please visit scclive.org.

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