UBSNA Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Universal Business Solutions North America, an office automation and efficiency company headquartered in New York, NY, is proud to announce the celebration of the company’s 10-year anniversary and over a decade of providing world-class products and support to their clients.

UBSNA was founded in 2006 by Abe Thomas of Holmdel, NJ. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for helping businesses improve their operations, Mr. Thomas set out to provide industry-leading office automation solutions with a high level of customer care and service. Ten years later, UBSNA has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of copiers, VOIP phone systems, and digital document management solutions.

Throughout the last decade UBSNA has received the JD Powers Award for Excellence, been recognized by SHARP® for Outstanding Achievement, been featured on CBS, and has helped thousands of businesses improve their operations and reduce costs by offering industry-leading document management solutions.

“Our clients’ success has been, and will continue to be, our success”, said Abe Thomas, CEO of Universal Business Solutions. “We look forward to the next decade of providing exceptional service and support to our valued clients”.

The UBSNA team celebrated the milestone in the company’s New York headquarters this week.


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UBSNA Partners with Essensa!



Universal Business Solutions(UBSNA) is a Minority owned provider of Sharp Multi-Function Copier systems. They are conveniently headquartered in Downtown NYC. Clients are assisted with their ability to manage paper from creation through duplication, storage, and retrieval – often while cutting costs. They are office consultants – who examine your expenses for office automation and then make suggestions on how to save, streamline and become more efficient.

Value to Essensa Members

UBSNA offers MFP’s from small desktop to large production units that come in black-and-white and color. These copiers are enabled with Sharp’s proprietary OSA (Open System Architecture) Software. This technology helps employees at every level of the organization by optimizing investment, reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and simplifying IT management. UBSNA services everything they sell locally. All technicians are employed by UBSNA. We do not use 3rd party providers. Even the consumables are kept in inventory for quick delivery and replacement. UBSNA feels that your problems become their problems – and together you solve them quickly – and cost effectively. With Remote Email Diagnostics, UBSNA is able to track every machine in the field, in real time – and understand where it is in its life cycle, as well as what needs to be done in the way of service – cutting your down-time to a minimum. This agreement also provides access to the following:

  • New Sharp copiers which are designed to make it easier and faster to setup, operate, control, monitor,manage, and maintain
  • An average discount of 47% off MSRP
  • Local, personalized service
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UBSNA Welcomes Wellness Bird ‘Lola’ to their New York Office

Lola_Wellness Bird Pic 2

Universal Business Solutions is proud to announce the addition of a new Wellness Bird to their New York office. ‘Lola’, the newest member of the UBSNA family, is a Turquoise Cheek Conure and has joined the office this week. Lola has been a big hit at UBSNA during her first week, with many employees taking time throughout the day to play with and care for Lola.

Recent studies have shown that animal companionship in the office can help to increase happiness and promote wellness among office workers. The addition of Lola allows UBSNA employees an opportunity to de-stress throughout the day. She also helps bolster a sense of comradery among the office members, with several different team members working together and taking time to care for and entertain Lola throughout the day.

We’re very excited about this new addition to our team and will be posting pictures and updates soon!Lola_Wellness Bird Pic 1


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Support BronxWorks 5k!

The UBSNA family is proud to support an organization, such as BronxWorks, that focuses on gentrifying its community economically and providing social support to each age bracket. We look forward to building a strong relationship going forward and are excited for the opportunity to not only contribute through donations, but to get involved by volunteering and leveraging our resources to increase community awareness.

Follow the link below to get involved!


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Universal Business Solutions | Three Tips to Help Keep your Copier Data Safe

Universal Business Solutions provides document management and production solutions that encompass the entire document cycle.

With the flood of recent high-profile data breaches, many businesses are evaluating the ways they handle sensitive company data and customer information. One point of vulnerability that is often overlooked is the business’s commercial copiers. These machines can house a gold mine of sensitive data, such as employee social security numbers, credit reports, health records, client account numbers, and many other forms of sensitive information.

Ensuring that your Information Security Plan addresses the use of copier systems is crucial to protecting your company’s sensitive information. Universal Business Solutions has compiled these three tips to help keep your office copier data safe.

Raise Awareness

Make sure that your employees are aware of the different types of data stored on commercial copiers, and the risks associated with that data being leaked or stolen. Protocols that address accepted copier uses and data management procedures are the first line of defense in protecting commercial copier data.

Utilize Data Security Features

Most copier dealers offer additional security features that can be added on to your company’s commercial copiers. Encryption add-ons, which scramble sensitive data so that it cannot be retrieved from the hard drive after use, offer a great level of data security. Copiers with overwriting capabilities can also help protect data by overwriting sensitive information after each copying job.

Clearing Copier Hard Drives

When purchasing or leasing a new commercial copier, it’s important to consider where your old copier – and the data it houses – might end up. Many copiers are re-leased or re-sold after their initial use. Ensuring that your company’s sensitive data is removed from the copier before it is re-sold is crucial to keeping your company’s data out of the wrong hands. Most copier manufacturers offer services that help to ensure that your copier’s hard drive is removed or cleared before the machine is sent on to its next owner.

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UBSNA Presents the Top Three Things to Consider when Purchasing a Copier for your Office

Whether you’re purchasing or leasing your new commercial copier, there are a few things to consider that will ensure your new machine can meet your current and future copying needs. Each business’s copier needs are different, and understanding which copier features best suit your particular needs can help save money in the long run.

Universal Business Solutions, North America has put together this brief guide to aid in your decision process.

Understand your Copying Requirements

Having an understanding of your copier requirements is crucial to selecting the proper machine for your business. Consider how much paper you need your new machine to print, and how quickly you need the printing done. If you consistently have print jobs that consist of more than 500 copies each, you should consider purchasing a deluxe model – that offers more paper storage than basic copiers – to cut down on reloading time.

Consider the Cost of Supplies and Maintenance

The copier with the least upfront cost initially may not end up being the most cost-effective over the entire length of the copier’s life. Consider the cost of supplies for each copier you are considering, and map out how these costs playout over the lifespan of each machine. It’s also important to consider maintenance costs and the likelihood of repairs down the road. Seek out reviews and other third-party evaluations of each copier’s performance and maintenance requirements before making your purchase decision.

Add on Features

Explore the various add-on features that are available for your new copier. Businesses evolve quickly, and ensuring that your copier can handle changing demands will be crucial to your long-term success. Consider what types of functionality your copier may need in the future, and evaluate how easily and cost-effectively you will be able to add to your copier’s core functions.

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