Two Important Tips for Keeping your Copier Data Safe


Copier data security has become a growing concern for businesses that frequently use business copiers to print, scan, fax, or email sensitive information. You may not realize it, but most modern copiers contain hard drives that store sensitive data much like a computer hard drive stores data.

Copiers that utilize an internet connection or are connected by a network need to be safeguarded from unauthorized access to the data and documents stored on the machine’s hard drive. Furthermore, since many copiers are leased or resold it is important to ensure that you take the necessary steps to protect your business’s and clients’ sensitive information after your lease ends or you sell your copier to another business.

Here are two tips that will help keep your copier’s data safe.

Before You Buy: Develop a Copier Data Security Plan

Work with your IT Department or Copier Supplier to implement safeguards against the unauthorized access of copier data. Most copier manufacturers and suppliers offer data encryption, which will encrypt any data sent to or from your copier so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. You can also opt for data overwriting, which will delete or overwrite data and documents on an ongoing basis.

When You’re Ready to Sell: Secure Your Copier’s Hard Drive

When it comes time to return or sell your business’s copier, it’s important that you secure your copier’s hard drive so that your business information and data is not passed on to the next owner. Contact your copier supplier and discuss your options for securing your copier’s hard drive. Some suppliers will remove the hard drive and return it to you for storage or destruction, while others offer hard drive clearing services that will wipe the hard drive clear of sensitive data.

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