Universal Business Solutions | Three Tips to Help Keep your Copier Data Safe

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With the flood of recent high-profile data breaches, many businesses are evaluating the ways they handle sensitive company data and customer information. One point of vulnerability that is often overlooked is the business’s commercial copiers. These machines can house a gold mine of sensitive data, such as employee social security numbers, credit reports, health records, client account numbers, and many other forms of sensitive information.

Ensuring that your Information Security Plan addresses the use of copier systems is crucial to protecting your company’s sensitive information. Universal Business Solutions has compiled these three tips to help keep your office copier data safe.

Raise Awareness

Make sure that your employees are aware of the different types of data stored on commercial copiers, and the risks associated with that data being leaked or stolen. Protocols that address accepted copier uses and data management procedures are the first line of defense in protecting commercial copier data.

Utilize Data Security Features

Most copier dealers offer additional security features that can be added on to your company’s commercial copiers. Encryption add-ons, which scramble sensitive data so that it cannot be retrieved from the hard drive after use, offer a great level of data security. Copiers with overwriting capabilities can also help protect data by overwriting sensitive information after each copying job.

Clearing Copier Hard Drives

When purchasing or leasing a new commercial copier, it’s important to consider where your old copier – and the data it houses – might end up. Many copiers are re-leased or re-sold after their initial use. Ensuring that your company’s sensitive data is removed from the copier before it is re-sold is crucial to keeping your company’s data out of the wrong hands. Most copier manufacturers offer services that help to ensure that your copier’s hard drive is removed or cleared before the machine is sent on to its next owner.

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